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Many people complain a problem in their ability to hearing that’s result from damaging in the hair cells in
cochlea in the inner ear, like a sensorineural hearing loss, in our study we will explain the technology of a
cochlear machine design that is overcome the damage inside the inner ear cells and helps the human ears
to convert the sounds into an electrical signals detects and stimulate the hearing nerve then to the brain to
help these people to restore its ability to hearing at least 50%.
The cochlear machine is an electronic device used inside the inner ear of the human to give the ability to
hearing in some cases of deaf it is contains of two parts that’s working together to convert the mechanical
sound waves into electrical impulses stimulates the auditory nerve. external parts: Microphone, Amplifier,
speech processor, transmitting coil, and Internal / implant parts : receiver/stimulator , electrodes
transducer array . The second implanted part is a transmitter /receiver stimulator and an electrode array
that is converts the signals into electrical impulses trigger the hearing nerve.

electronic device
transmitting coil
electrical impulses.
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