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In the intensive care unit, patient breathing depends on the ventilator to survive.  In case of malfunction in ventilator system or outages in the main power system, the ambient valve opens when unpowered, thereby, opening the patient circuit to the atmospheric pressure, so it makes inhalation possible for patient who is able to breath for himself, it doesn’t actively aid the patient to breath in any way. Complete ventilator failure causes ventilator to go into ambient state.

     In case the patient cannot breathe for himself, he will need an assist from stuff to breath by manual resuscitator, if not, so he is in danger of death.                  

 In this project, we accomplished a design of a pneumatic breathing system, which   can work automatically in the event of a complete failure of ventilator, to let the patient to breathe continuously, using fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2) at 50% or 100%. 

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