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Taste is an important factor in the development of dosage form. The problem of bitter and obnoxious taste of the drug in pediatric and geriatric formulations is a challenge to the pharmacist in the present scenario. In order to ensure patient compliance bitterness masking becomes essential. The purpose of this work was to mask the intensively bitter taste of drug using ion exchange resin and to formulate oral suspension of the taste mask drug. When suspension is swallowed bitter tasted may not be felt because ion exchange resin complex does not release drug at salivary pH. When it comes in contact with acidic environment of stomach, the complex will be broken down releasing the drug which may then observed. Bath method was used for formation of drug resin complex. Various ion exchange resins such as Ionex QM 1011 and Indione 244 were tried to unpainted taste masked drug resin complex. The present study aims to provide an overview about the Sustained release and taste masked suspensions using ion exchange resins their methods of preparation and their evaluation in brief.

Obnoxious taste
Ion exchange resins
taste masked.
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