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During the routine dissection of  first  M.B.B.S. students on a  65 year old donated embalmed male cadaver in the department of Anatomy at K.J.Somaiya  Medical  College, Sion, Mumbai, India, a double profunda brachii artery was found in the left upper limb. The profunda brachii artery - 1 was originated from the posteromedial aspect of the brachial artery, distal to teres major muscle. The profunda brachii artery – 2 was originated from the posterior circumflex humeral artery in  quadrangular space around the surgical neck of the humerus. The  profunda brachii artery - 2 divided into the anterior descending (Radial collateral) & the posterior desending (middle collateral)  arteries. The profunda brachii artery – 1 gives nutrient artery to the humerus and runs with  posterior desending (middle collateral) artery &  ends by anastomosing with interosseous recurrent artery behind the lateral epicondyle. The photographs of the variations were taken for proper documentation. The presence of double profunda brachii arteries in the radial groove may result in excessive haemorrhage during fractures. Topographical anatomy of the normal and abnormal variations of the brachial artery are clinically important for surgeons, orthopaedicians and radiologists performing angiographic studies on the upper limb.

Profunda Brachii Artery
Brachial Artery
Posterior Circumflex Humeral Artery
Quadrangular Space
Fractures of Humerus
Angiographic Studies.