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Over the years, many circuit designs were developed for detecting the electrical activity of the
heart (ECG signal). The main aim was to reduce the noise and improving the efficiency and quality of the
signal obtained from the heart. In this paper a suggested design of a single channel ECG circuit is
introduced, it shows how to build the ECG circuit step by step, investigates the quality of the signal
obtained after adding each stage of the circuit and offers a suggestions and ideas of the best circuit design
and the best ICs that can be used to reduce the noises to get the best quality of ECG signal. This design is
composed of the usual main parts which are instrumentation amplifier (IA), isolation circuit (iso-amp),
band pass filter, and right leg circuit, in addition to a suggested first and second order band pass filter and
a notch filter. The advantages of this design are its simplicity and high efficiency which represents in its
ability to obtain a good quality signals with minimum noises, as it has many stages of filtration, in addition
to its low cost which offers the opportunity to manufacture it in Jordan.

Electrocardiography; Band Width; Band Pass Filter; Frequency Domain; Biosignal; ECG Amplifier; Notch Filter.
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