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The thermo acoustical investigations for the ternary mixtures of barium chloride have been made in various diluents such as methanol, ethanol and 1,4-dioxane from ultrasonic velocity and density measurements at temperature 303.15K and atmospheric pressure. From these, isentropic compressibility(bT),isothermal compressibility (βs),Inter molecular free length(Lf), acoustic impedance(Z),molar sound velocity(R),molar compressibility(W) and coefficient of thermal expansion(a) have been calculated and interpreted in terms of ion-solvent interactions. The decrease in velocity and Lf with increase in concentration in all the systems indicates that there is a significant interaction between solute and solvent suggesting the structure promoting behaviour on addition of electrolyte. The interdependence of Lf and U has been evolved from model proposed by Eyring and Kincaid.

: Ion-solvent interaction
Intermolecular free length
heat capacity ratio
Wada’s constant
Rao’s constant.
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