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Cryopreservation is an efficient and effective method for conservation of plant material. This technique is a developed
technology which resulted in survival of valuable germplasm and it is an efficient method for long term storage of
germplasm. Storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C) or cryopreservation needs a limited space and preserved plant material
from contaminants. Furthermore, no physiological and somaclonal alterations happen in explants. This technique was used for conservation of seeds of Salvia leriifolia which is an endemic and rangeland plant in Iran. In all of the conservation methods, seeds had high percentage of survival and liquid nitrogen has positive effect on seed survival was established. In Plants were transferred to greenhouse, highest percentage of establishing plantlets is (55%) with height (4.31 Cm) from Vitrification method. According to high percentage of survival and simplicity of method, vitrification is suggested as an efficient method for seed cryopreservation of this rangeland species.

Salvia leriifolia