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Introduction: A cardiac catheterization laboratory is one of the principal equipment in the cardiac department that its failure can cause a detrimental effect on its financial income and the ability to provide proper healthcare to the patient.

Method: All maintenance reports for maintaining 4 catheterization rooms in one of the medical institutes in Jordan in the period between 2010 and 2016 were collected and analyzed to identify the most frequent failures and replaced parts to maintain the equipment. Moreover, the benefits of performing proper preventive maintenance was investigated.

Results: 114 maintenance calls were ended by replacing spare parts in the 7 years periods. This satisfying figure is due to performing proper inspection and preventive maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Monitor, X-ray tube, view pad, and Visub were the most frequently replaced parts. The figures were 38, 12, 11, and 10 respectively.

Conclusion: the proper preventive maintenance is highly beneficial in reducing the downtime of the device and preventing the sudden failure. Furthermore, the frequently replaced part such as monitors, x-ray tube, view pad, Visub and others should be purchased quickly and easily to keep the equipment working properly.

Maintenance reports
Spare parts
Preventive maintenance
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