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The Genetic Resources of Hippophae are very rich. Hippophae includes 15 species and subspecies that are widely distributed in Europe and Asia. Only 4 subspecies are being used in practical research and development. This paper summarized the existing utilization of genetic resources of Hippophae and its potential uses in the future. In the Central Asia local people used Seabuckthorn berries for treatment of hypertension, digestive system and skin diseases. The oil extracted from berries is used for treatment of gastritis, stomach ulcers, erosion of uterus and inflammation of genital organs. In addition, people used infusion of dried berries for skin diseases. The exact number of species in the genus Hippophae is still unclear however, there are considered to be seven species Hippophae rhamnoides L. has 9 subspecies.
Keywords: Seabuckthorn, Elaeagnus rhamnoides, Medicine, Oleaster.

Elaeagnus rhamnoides
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