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Designing a simulation model according to failure data to represent the maintenance policy is the aim of this study, then optimizing a model to maximize the utilization and reduce downtime for three major medical equipment.

Optimizing a model that determines the optimal preventive maintenance interval which gives the maximum value of utilization, by using the simulation model, to represent the current maintenance policy and conduct the current utilization of equipment.

This approach helps an organization to eliminate the corrective maintenance that will be minimal and increase the interval of preventive, which could reduce the downtime according to the requirements of spare parts availability.

This study shows that when applying the optimization model on three selected equipment: MRI, Mammogram, and Linear accelerator equipment the optimal preventive maintenance intervals was 209,373 and 467 working hours.

This research is highlighting the important aspects of simulation-based optimization of maintenance strategy within the medical field improvement, which is significantly different from the currently used, where it can be applied easily for any equipment without mathematical equations and long time-solving methods.

It was applied at one of the hospitals in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Maintenance strategy
Preventive maintenance.
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