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Polymeric surfactant based on sorbitol, maize starch, and sugar have been synthesized and used successfully in detergent compositions. In the present piece of research work a small quantity of oxalic acid, citric acid and glycerol along with major quantity of maize starch and sugar solution has been used in synthesis of novel carbohydrate polymer .The overall idea is to develop a polymeric surfactant using higher quantity of maize starch and substantial quantity of sugar along with oxalic acid and citric acid. These polymers may be eco friendly and based totally on vegetable products. Selected novel carbohydrate polymers based on these observations have been used for the kinetic study at different temperatures and for different time durations. These novel carbohydrate polymers are then used in the preparation of powder detergent and liquid detergent .The acid slurry and Alpha Olefin Sulphonate based on crude petroleum have been successfully replaced to some extent by these novel carbohydrate polymers. Preparation of these polymers is simple and they can be recommended for commercial use .These novel polymers are comparable and suitable for commercial production. Economically they are cheaper than petroleum based products.

carbohydrate polymers
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