Article Subject

Impaction of permanent maxillary central incisors is a frequently occuring but challenging condition encountered by pedodontists that affects not only the esthetics, phontics, speech but oral functions too. The etiology of impaction is multi-factorial and may be related to embryologic reasons, hereditary factors, mechanical obstacles, and pathologic conditions in the form of cysts as well as the presence of supernumerary teeth etc.

 The purpose of this case report is to discuss the case of a 11-year-old pre-adolescent male child patient who reported with an impacted permanent maxillary left central incisor. So, surgical orthodontic traction of the impacted central incisor by the closed eruption technique was performed. After 8 months, the permanent maxillary left central incisor was adequately positioned in the arch. The treatment allowed the functional and esthetic rehabilitation to happen in a short period of time, thus reducing the patient's psychological impact and enhancing self-esteem caused by the lack of an anterior tooth which plays an important role in facial aesthetics.

Impacted incisor
surgical exposure