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PID controller is the most widely used controller in industry for control applications due to its simple structure and easy
parameter adjusting. But increase in complexity of control systems has introduced many modified PID controllers. The recent advancement in fractional order calculus has introduced fractional order PID controller and it has received a great attention for researchers .Fractional order PID (FOPID) controller is an advancement of conventional PID controller in which the derivative and integral order are fractional rather than integer. Apart from the usual tuning parameters of PID, it has two more parameters λ (integer order) and μ (derivative order) which are infractions. This increases the flexibility and robustness of the system and gives a better performance than classical PID controller. In this research paper, FOPID has been applied to Hybrid of Inverted Pendulum control and optimal values of kp, ki, kd, λ and μ has been obtained using Genetic algorithm.

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