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The goal of this paper is to add a new way of checking visual acuity using a computer based software. OCP (Optometry Charts Projector) is created using the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of MMB (Multimedia Builder) to display basic optometry charts on different screen sizes.

 The MMB is used to create this software; it is integrated with many special functions facilitating the display of charts used in the diagnosis of visual acuity. The MMB is inexpensive authoring software with which the user can easily develop auto-run menus, multimedia application and lots more, without even knowing bare basics of programming, With (MMB) the user can create auto-run CD browsers for corporate CD-ROM's.

 OCP allows the user to select the screen size and the distance of measurement for a certain chart (i.e. illiterate E's). The control panel provided within the software will allow the user to navigate through different parts of the chart easily.

This software is very effective; because it can be dealt with easily; on the other hand it has a great economical feasibility, where the user doesn’t have to buy an expensive device (i.e. Auto Chart Projector). The only thing needed to accomplish the test is the software and a general purpose screen.

Optometry Charts Projector
Multimedia Builder
Visual Acuity Optometry Charts.
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