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Pomegranate by-product can be used as a relatively good agro-industrial by-product for ruminant nutrition. Pomegranate fruit is consist of three parts, the seeds, the juice and the peels which include the husk and interior network membranes. using agro-industrial by-products is an alternative method for overcoming shortages and higher prices of conventional feed in ruminant nutrition. Many by-products have a substantial nutritive value as animal feed. Thus cereals can be largely replaced by these by-products and therefore competition between human and animal for nutrition is less. Furthermore, using these by-products like pomegranate by-product in animal nutrition can solve related environmental problems.
This review evaluates pomegranate by-product relative to their nutrient composition, content of secondary compounds, and theirimpact on animal performance.

Pomegranate peel
Pomegranate seed
secondary compound
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