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With the advancement in recent technologies in the field of pharmaceutical research arena based on drug discovery and drug delivery, development of microneedles has proven to be an excellent and a merely suitable substitute which serves as an efficient tool for delivery of drugs through the skin in a sustainable and stable manner. Microneedle drug delivery is a newly developing dosage form which is still in its infant stage in our country, but it need to be explored as it serves as a connecting link between transdermal patches (TDP) and hypodermic needles. It also overcomes the disadvantageous properties of both the dosage forms. In particular, these current advances provide opportunities for developing advanced drug delivery systems for personalized transdermal medicines. Oral administration and hypodermic syringes are today’s most commonly used delivery methods. However, they pose several disadvantages, such as painful side effects of using hypodermic syringes or the problem associated with oral administration, such as drug bioequivalence. Transdermal patches pose numerous advantages as an alternative method, as they provide controlled release of medicine to the patient in a minimally invasive manner. However, they cannot permeate large molecules to pass the SC (the top layer of skin), thereby limiting the medical application to patients. MNs have been proposed to overcome this limitation and provide the transdermal delivery of large molecular weight proteins. Microneedles either in the form of patches or an array, have been observed as a potential carrier for the delivery of numerous macromolecular drugs for the effective transdermal delivery.Though its has not been commercialised in a huge way in our country so the purpose of research and presentation is to create an awareness and better understanding of microneedles, which can be proven to be landmark discovery in delivery of drugs for the treatment of various diseases through the skin.

Transdermal delivery of protein
Tramsdermal delivery of drug
Drug delivery. Phosphate Buffer Saline. Micromoulding
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