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Introduction Today’s era of evidence based dentistry provides an excellent environment to examine a possible correlation
between oral and systemic disease.
Aims &objective Aim of the study is to determine whether an association exists between triglyceride levels and periodontal
Material &method The subjects included in the study were divided into 2 groups .
Group A : chronic periodontitis
Group B : Control Group .
BMI was recorded for both the groups. 3ml of venous blood was collected from the groups following an overnight fast . The
samples were send to the Laboratory for estimation of serum triglyceride.
Results The mean Triglyceride level for group A was significantly higher than compared to the control group (group B ).
Conclusion The present study indicates that increased serum Triglyceride levels was positively associated with sever
periodontal disease and might be a potential maker of periodontal disease .

Cardio vascular disease
Periodontal disease
Triglyceride level
body mass index
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