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Anatomy is the base of medical science in India and is taught practically to all disciplines of
undergraduate health sciences in the first year. It is an acknowledged fact that a basic knowledge of
Anatomy is a prerequisite to learn any other branch of medicine. All medical professionals must have a
basic knowledge of Anatomy so as to ensure safe medical practice. Traditionally Anatomy teaching
consists of didactic lectures as well as dissections or prosections as per the requirement of the course.
Lecture is defined as an oral discourse on a given subject before an audience for purpose of instruction
and leaning. In the traditional method lectures were taken via chalk & board, but nowadays power point
presentations are increasingly being used. To make Anatomy learning both pleasant and motivating,
new methods of teaching gross anatomy are being assessed as medical colleges endeavour to find time in
their curricula for new content without fore-going fundamental anatomical knowledge. This paper
examines the other teaching methodologies for teaching gross anatomy. Conclusion: Proper utilization
of newer technologies along with the traditional teaching methods will certainly lead to enhanced
understanding of gross anatomy and will ultimately improve students’ performance.

Medical Science
Undergraduate Students
Medical Professionals
Medical Practice
Traditional Methods & New Methods of Teaching.
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