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Soft gelatin capsules are single-unit solid dosage forms, consisting of a liquid or semi-solid fill enveloped by a one-piece sealed elastic outer shell. Technologically with softgel, content uniformity of low-dose drugs has been achieved and also has consumer preference as is easy to swallow. Various oils, vitamins are unstable and susceptible to degradation when exposed to environmental stresses like oxygen, temperature, and light. Vitamins and oils encapsulated in soft gelatin capsules show promise as anti-microbial, antifungal, antiviral agents and can provide therapeutic benefits. Due to the dynamic nature of the softgel dosage form, its development and shelf-life stability optimization are fraught with several challenges. The review article focuses on applications of soft gelatin capsules in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industry.

Softgel and Soft Gelatin Capsule
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