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Studies on the effect of aqueous extract of Dennettia tripetala was carried out on Escherichia coli a gram negative bacterium. The test organisms Escherichia coli were gotten from stock culture and the pepper fruit seeds used were also bought from the market. The extraction was done with ethanol, hot water and cold water. Different concentrations of the extract were made using each solvent, 50μg/ml, 25μg/ml, 12.5μg/ml, and 3.125μg/ml respectively. Escherichia coli were inhibited by the Dennettia tripetala seeds extract. The results showed that Dennettia tripetala (mmimi) seed extract had both bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal effects on the test organism as the extract efficacy increased with an increase in concentration and was suppressed by high temperatures.

Dennettia tripetala
Bacteriocidal and Escherichia coli.
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