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In hospitals, there is always the need to enforce tringent infection control criteria for sterilization. Steam
sterilization has long been the primary method used by most health care facilities to eliminate
microbiological contaminants from various types of devices and instruments. However, In the case of
catheterization devices, which are usually made from heat-susceptible rubber or polyethylene, we are faced
with a challenge; since steam sterilization would, in most cases, cause permanent deformation to such
devices, or at least affect their functionality.
Cardio Catheters and balloons are expensive, the purpose of this study is establish whether or not such
devices, though intended for single use, could be sterilized and used multiple times to lower cost, without
constituting any risk to patients, or compromising functionality, this study is done in RMS hospitals .

Low temperature Sterilization
Single-Use Cardio Catheterization . Ethylene Oxide
Royal Medical Services .
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