Bad Centrifuging Effects On Automated Chemistry Analyzer

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M. H. Al Khawaldeh, A. S. Rababah, N. D. Doghmi, G. M. Btoosh

Blood chemistry analysis is one of the diagnostic methods used to assess patient’s health status. In this test, serum extracted from the blood using a centrifuge is analyzed to identify the concentration of chemical ingredients. The centrifuge separates serum from the blood using centrifugal force which depends on the density of particles in blood. The automated chemistry analyzer aspirates serum through a thin probe to perform the requested tests.

Automated chemistry analysis depends on the principle of spectrophotometry, where a light beam crosses a solution with particular ingredients dissolved in it, when the light crosses the solution the wavelength of this light will alter depending on the ingredients because they absorb light. The output wavelength will determine the value of the selected parameter through measuring the quantity of the absorbed light.

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