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S.No                                    Title & Authors Pg.No
1 Hepatoprotective Activity Of Methanolic Bark Extracts Of Ficusspecies:
Kujur S, Sunil KCR, Sampath Kumar K K, Bankar AV and Geetha N
2 A Review On Anti Anxiety Activity Of Black Berry In Diet:
Gautam Nishu, Singh Aniruddh Pratap, Das Sanjita, Mazumder Avijit
3 Evolutionary Aspect Of Antifungal Topical Gel – A Review:
Krishan, Padhi Swarupanjali, Gauniya Anju, Das Pratik Swarup, Shah Pooja, Barua Rohit
 4 Sublingual Tablet – An Alternate Route to Systemic Drug Delivery – A Review:Bani Singh Kamal*,Gauniya Anju, Barua Rohit  031-039
 5 Relationship between HbA1c and Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Jordanian Population: Two Centre Study : Eng. Heba shawabkeh*, Eng. Suhad assaf, Eng. Zain S. Al Shami, Eng. Atheer raji alnawaiseh, Al Alnoud
Al Azaydeh MD.
 6 Recent Advancement in Mucoadhesive buccal drug delivery system : Upadhyay Vivek, Monika  045-054
 7 In Vitro evaluation of Antileukemic activity of the methanol extract of Citrus Limetta, Citrus Sinensis pulp and Naringenin: Iswariya. G.T, Padma, P.R and Nirmaladevi, R*  055-068
8 Radical scavenging potential and Hepatoprotective studies of ethanolic and aqueous extract of Actiniopteris Dichotoma Bedd against Paracetamol Diclofenac and CCl4 induced hepatotoxicity: Dr. Naveen Sharma, Vipin Kumar Sharma, Ajay Sharma, AK Jain, Ashish Kumar  069-073