Potential Strategies of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine for kidney diseases
Eng. Bassam Al-sharif*, Eng. Majid Alkhawaldeh, Eng. Ali Alshboul, Eng. Basma Hiyari, Dr. Ali Rababah.
Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome with an oro- facial anomaly: A rare case report
Dr. Deepak Chauhan , Dr. Seema Thakur , Dr. Reetica Sharma, Dr. Dolly Singh, Dr. Tripti Chauhan
Method for classifying modes of ventilation from different manufacturers
Eng. Ali Alshboul*, Dr. Ali Rababah, Eng. AlEng. Majid Alkhawaldeh, Eng. Bassam Al-sharif, Eng. Ahmad Almbydeen
Feasibility of connected health solutions for the management of COPD
Hamza Alzyod,* , Shereen Abu Zaid, Arar Alkhader, Mohamed Fowzi Ababeneh, Njood Aldughmi