Relationship between HbA1c and Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Jordanian Population: Two Centre Study

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Authors:  Eng. Heba shawabkeh*, Eng. Suhad assaf, Eng. Zain S. Al Shami, Eng. Atheer raji alnawaiseh, Al Alnoud Al Azaydeh MD.

Objectives: The purpose of this study was to discover the relationship between the continuous glucose monitoring and HbA1c in two medical centers in Jordan.
Method: A method-comparison design was used. The analysis applied on 567 patients. The entire sample completed testing for HbA1c levels and 24 hours glucose level; the results were analyzed using regression analysis tools.
Results: The analysis results shows that HbA1c level was strongly correlated with 24 hours continuous glucose monitoring (r = 0.627).
Conclusion: Regression analysis shows a very strong positive relation (Pearson correlation r =0.627) between the values of the blood glucose level and the HbA1c levels which may be an added value to the Jordanian researcher’s data bases.

Key Words: HbA1c, Blood Glucose, Accuracy, Regression Analysis.

Download pdf: Eng. Heba shawabkeh et al., Int. J. Res. Rev. Pharm. Appl. Sci.,(2018) 8(1) 040-044

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