Using the Heating and Vibration to treat the Ischemia

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Mahmoud A Okour (BME), Tareq I Al-Shawaheen (BME), Aktham A Malkawi (BME), Samira O Swaidat (CHE), Mayyada S Megdadi (Dr)

Ischemia is generally caused by problems with blood vessels, with resultant damage or dysfunction of tissue. People with diabetes can, over time, develop nerve damage throughout the body. Some people with nerve damage have no symptoms. Others may have symptoms such as pain, tingling, or numbness—loss of feeling—in the hands, arms, feet, and legs. Nerve problems can occur in every organ system, including the digestive tract, heart, and sex organ. Diabetic neuropathies also appear to be more common in people who have problems controlling their blood glucose, also called blood sugar, as well as those with high levels of blood fat and blood pressure and those who are overweight.

Compromise of the blood supply from microvascular disease, often in association with lack of sensation because of neuropathy, predisposes persons with diabetes mellitus to foot infections. These infections span the spectrum from simple, superficial cellulitis to chronic osteomyelitis.

In our project we want to provide a preliminary treatment for the problem of ischemia in patients with diabetes using
heating and vibration, thus avoid infection or amputation in advanced cases.

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