Volume – 2 : Issue – 1

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An Overview Of Ethosome As Advanced Herbal Drug Delivery System 1 – 14 download pdf
Dr.Mamta B Shah, Anar J Shah, Rahul Shah
In-Vitro And In-Vivo Anti Asthmatic Activity Of Clerodendrum Phlomidis Linn In Guinea Pigs 15 – 28 download pdf
Vincent S, Vijay Amirtharaj R, Jeevanantham P, Saravanan, Ragavan
Analysis Of Diffrent Milk And Impact Of Lactobacilli Bacteria On Its Physico Chemical Characteristics 29 – 40 download pdf
A.G.Gaddamwar, U.T.Bhati, P.R.Rajput
Isolation And Characterization Of Antibacterial Substance Produced By Bacilli Isolated From Lonar Lake 41 – 54 download pdf
Tambekar Dilip, Vishal Dhundale
Comparative Evaluation Of Antimicrobial Efficacy Of Routine Endodontic Irrigants With Surfactants Against Mtad On Enterococcus Faecalis An In Vitro Microbiological Study 55 – 64 download pdf
R. Manikandan, prof. Dr. Mithra N Hedge
Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Tablet of Lisinopril 65 – 81 download pdf
Rajeshree Panigrahi, Saiprasanna Behera, P.N.Murthy
Ros Response Of The Toxic Dinoflagellate Alexandrium Monilatum On Three Ecologically Important Shellfish Species 82 – 89 download pdf
V. Chandra Sekhar Raju, T. Naga Raju, T. Rama Devi, P. Anupama, N. Mastan, M. Gowthami
Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination In Urban Soils A Case Study 90 – 101 download pdf
Saritha Vara, Padmavathi Bandaru, A.L.N. Karthik
A Scanning Electron Microscopic Comparison Of Three Nickel Titanium Rotary Systems For Canal Cleaning Ability With And Without The Use Of A Dental Microscope An In Vitro Study 102 – 114 download pdf
Prof. (Dr.) Priyadarshini Hegde, Prof. (Dr.) Mithra N. Hegde, Dr. Clinton M. D’Souza
Synthesis And Antimicrobial Activity Of 4-Substituted-5,6,7,8-Tetrahydro[1] Benzothieno[2,3-D] Pyrimidines (Stbp) Under Comparative Methods 115 – 125 download pdf
A. K. Rathod
Ablomin (Toxic Protein) Degradation By Nano Xylanase (Enzyme) 126 – 141 download pdf
Merci Rani Ragi, C. Sundaramoorthi, Dr.Raja Sekharan