Volume – 3 : Issue – 3

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Assessment Of Heavy Metals In Borehole Water In Umuagwo- Ohaji L.G.A, Imo Sate 315 – 320 download pdf
Adumanya, O. C. U., Akunna, T.O, Lele, KC, and Ogu, U.J.F
Isolation, Characterization Of Algae And Production Of Biodiesel 321 – 330 download pdf
Esther Maria Vinita and Priya R Iyer
Motivation And Job Satisfaction Of Cashew Workers In Kanyakumari District 331 – 340 download pdf
G. Arumugasamy
Antifungal Activity Of Certain Seaweeds From Puthumadam Coast 341 – 350 download pdf
T. Thinakaran and K. Sivakumar
Fullerenesas Novel Drug Carrier 351 – 369 download pdf
Dr. (Mrs.) Rajashree Hirlekar, Sushant Gurav
Characterization Of Different Varieties Of Cassava Starch For Industrial Utilization 370 – 386 download pdf
Uchendu, Nene O., Eze, Sabinus,O.O., Ugwu,Okechukwu P.C., Enechi O.C. and Udeh, Sylvester M.C.
Effect Of Supplementing Rumen-Protected Methionine On Serum Biochemistry Of Iranian Rayeni Cashmere Goat 387 – 393 download pdf
Mohammad Naser Nazem, Nasrin Askari
Evaluation Of The Antinutrient Levels Of Ceiba Pentandra Leaves 394 – 400 download pdf
Enechi, O.C., Ugwu, Kenneth K., Ugwu Okechukwu P.C. and Omeh, Yusuf S
In Vitro Effect Of Amazon Plants Seed Extracts On Streptococcus Mutans 401 – 412 download pdf
Cruz S, Oliveira LA, Oliveira AN
Comparative Prevalence Of Low Levels Of Nutritional Indicators Using Nchs And Who Reference/Standards 413 – 431 download pdf
Akubugwo, E.I., Okafor I. N ., Ezebuo, F.C. and Nwaka, A.C
Formulation And Evaluation Of Repeat Action Tablets Of Orlistat And Drotaverine Hydrochloride 432 – 447 download pdf
Shaik.Md.Zakir Hussain G. Vidya Sagar, Anil Midda, R.Naga Kishore, M.Sabareesh
Measurement Of Creatine Kinase And Creatine Kinase – Mb Isoenzyme In Myocardial Infarction Patients 448 – 454 download pdf
Dr Monieer Arabieat, Engineering Manal Abdullah Al –Sharaya, lab.Technition Rola Al – Ramamnia, Nursing Enaad Mohammad Al – Abadie, Doctor Abdullah Shahier Al- muherate