Volume – 3 : Issue – 6

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Comparing Glucose Results Obtained From Okmeter In Emergency Unit With Laboratory Results Using Automated Machine In Khmc 711 – 714 download pdf
Eng. Suhad Assaf, Eng. Faten Thalji Al-Mawajdeh, Eng. Zain S. Al Shami, Ph. Khalid M Al Madni, Eng. Samaira O. Swaidat
The Genetic Resources Of Hippophae Genus And Its Utilization 715 – 724 download pdf
Lu Rongsen, Hamid Ahani, Seyed Naser Marjani
Investigation of rahimabad pistachio (pistacia vera l.) Forest of mashhad, iran 725 – 739 download pdf
Hamid Ahani, Hamid Jalilvand, Seyed Naser Marjani
A Randomised, Open Label, Single-Period, Single-Treatment, Controlled Study Of Comparing Safety And Reactogenecity Of Lyophilised Bcg Vaccine Ip (0.1 Mg In 0.1 Ml) Of Green Signal Biopharma Private Limited India With Bcg Vaccine (0.1 Mg In 0.1 Ml) Of Serum Institute Of India Limited (Siil),India 740 – 787 download pdf
Mrs. Sudha Varadharajan, Mr. Sajjanadhasan.VJ, Dr. Arun kumar, Mr. Saravanan.V, Dr. Subrahmanyam V Mantha, Dr. Rajesh Kumar. J, Mr. Ramesh R
Optimal Tuning Of Fractional Order Pid Controller For Discrete-Time Hybrid Of Inverted Pendulum 788 – 799 download pdf
Fazel azghandi shahri, Asef zare
Immunomodulatory Activity Of Dipeptidyle Peptidase 4 Enzyme Inhibitors 800 – 810 download pdf
Mamgain S. B.pharm, Mathur P. M.Pharm, Ph.D. and Kothiyal P. M.Pharm Ph.D
The Diseases Associated With A High Alp Level Among Jordanian Adult Hospitalized Patients 811 – 815 download pdf
Khoulood Mousa Al- Muhasin, Manal Abdullah Al –Sharaya, Eman Nasser Al- Frehat, Eman Abdullah Elkhreisha, Atheer Raji Al Nawiseh
Synthesis And Study Of Anti Inflammatory Activity Of Some Novel Ferrocenyl Derivatives Of Pyrazole Analogues 816 – 822 download pdf
S. Sambath Kumar
Malusdomistica As An Inhibitor Of Glycation 823 – 837 download pdf
Nosheen Aslam, Rizwan Ahmad And Munir Ahmad Sheikh
Isolation of bacteria that are associated with the fermented product of mesquite seed locust beans (prosopis africana) “okpeye” 838 – 847 download pdf
Ogbonna Ann O., Ikeyi Adachukwu P., Okafor, Cecilia Ifunanya and Ugwu Okechukwu P.C
Screening Of Dye Degrading Bacteria From Textile Effluents 848 – 857 download pdf
T.Vinodhkumar, N.Thiripurasundari, G.Ramanathan, G. Karthik
Studies On The Effect Of Aqueous Extract Of Dennettia Tripetala (Mmimi, Pepper Fruit) Seeds On Escherichia Coli 858 – 866 download pdf
Ogbonna Ann O., Ikeyi Adachukwu P., Nweke Okechukwu E.and Ugwu Okechukwu P.C.
A Review On Design Of Experiments (DOE) 867 – 882 download pdf
Sonam Ranga, Manish Jaimini, Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Bhupendra Singh Chauhan, Amit Kumar
Some Herbal Abortifacient And Antidiabetic Used By The Rural People Of Hinganghat Tahsil 883 – 893 download pdf
J. J. Shende, M. N. Mhaiskar and B. M. Rajurkar
Impact Of Clinical Rounds By Academicians On Pharmacy Education And Patient Care In Pakistan 894 – 900 download pdf
Muhammad Amir, Syed Ata Rizvi
The Prevalence Of Schistosoma Mansoni In Five Selected Secondary School Students In Ngwa-Osisioma Local Government Area Of Abia State, Nigeria 901 – 909 download pdf
Ikeyi Adachukwu P., Ogbonna Ann O. and Agu, Ukamaka E.