Volume – 4 : Issue – 2

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New Circuit Design To Measure Impedance Cardiography (ICG) 1022 – 1029 download pdf
Ahmad Al Kouz, Mohammad Al Husban, Bassam Al Sharif, Amer Khresat, Hamzeh Abu Zaid
Land Capability Evaluation And Fertility Mapping Of Hoomand Absard Region With Emphasis On Some Soil Physiochemical Characteristics 1030 – 1039 download pdf
Alireza Raheb
Monitoring Lipid Profile In Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction At King Hussein Medical 1040 – 1043 download pdf
Abdullah Al–Sharaya, Khoulood Mousa Al-Muhasin
Comparative Study Between Percolation And Ultrasonication For The Extraction Of Hibiscus And Jasmine Flowers Utilizing Antibacterial Bioassay 1044 – 1055 download pdf
Rasha Saad, Gayathiry Murugiah, Junainah Abdulhamid, Eddy Yusuf1and Fadli Asmani
A Review On Parentral Implants 1056 – 1072 download pdf
Tejashree A. Ghadge, Sagar D. Chavare, Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, Shruti Kamble
Obesity, Dietary Intake And Coronary Heart Disease 1073 – 1082 download pdf
Dr.Somiya Gutbi Salim Mohammed
Formulation And Evaluation Of Coated Microneedles For The Treatment Of Hairloss 1083 – 1101 download pdf
Namrata B. Date, Angira G. Purohit, Dr. Smita S. Pimple, Dr. Pravin D. Chaudhari
A Brief Review On Sustained Release And Taste Masked Suspension 1102 – 1116 download pdf
Radhika Bairu, Sowjanya Battu, Dr. V. Uma Maheshvar Rao