Volume – 4 : Issue – 1

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Ethno-Veterinary Knowledge And Practices Of Issa-Somali Pastoralists Around Dire Dawa, Eastern Ethiopia 910 – 921 download pdf
G. Gebreyesusa, A. Haileb and T. Dessiea
An Updated Review On Otitis Media 922 – 934 download pdf
Tarun Vij, Yash Prashar, Dipesh Jain
Effects Of Different Cryopreservation’s Methods On Seed Germination And Establishment Of Salvia Leriifolia Benth (Norouzak) 935 – 943 download pdf
F.S.Serry, A.Ghamari Zare, S.Kalate jary, and S.Shahrzaad
Bilayer Drug Delivery Systems – A Review Of Novel Approach 944 – 951 download pdf
Kanajam Nagasai Sandhya, Dr.V..Uma maheshwara rao, Ch.S.Vijaya vani, S.Devi Priya, D.N.Nayani
Comparison Of Ultrasound Machines Problems In Different Hospital’s Departments, A Study On Jordanian Military Hospitals 952 – 956 download pdf
Shadi El Najdawi, Mohammed Ababneh, Ahmad Mbayden, and Rami Dalabeeh
An Overview On Bilayer Tablets 957 – 974 download pdf
Morsu Ashok, P Vishnu, K Naveen Babu, V.Umamaheshwara Rao, Bollarum Madhu
A Brief Review On Mucoadhesive Microspheres 975 – 986 download pdf
Meneshwari Mohan, Hazari Sujitha, Dr.V.Uma Maheshwara Rao, Morsu Ashok, B.Arun Kumar
A Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship And Molecular Docking Study On A Series Of Indole-5-Carboxamides Acting As Antihepatitis C Virus Agents 987 – 1021 download pdf
Sakshi Gupta, Neeraj Agarwal