Volume – 5 : Issue – 1

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Evaluation of Some Risk Factors on the Age at Menopause in South Indian Women 1117 – 1124 download pdf
A.Murugan and V.Vanaja
Diagnosis nearly missed-Recurrent Meningitis 1125 – 1129 download pdf
Dr. P. K. Satpathy, Dr. P. M. Diggikar, Dr. Mukund S. Wasekar, Dr. Priyanka Zagade, Dr.Gaurav Bacchav
Comparison of flexible endoscopes problems in different hospital’s departments 1130 – 1133 download pdf
Hamza Alzoud, Shereen Abu Zaid, Ahmad Al-Kouz, Ibraheem Al-Hiary, Bassam Al-Shareef
Artificial cochlea machine applied design 1134 – 1138 download pdf
Basma alhiyari, Ghassan Alghizzawi, Ghassan Hijazeen, Thair Haddad, Safa’a Garalleh, Engineer Shereen abu-zaid
Using the Low temperature Sterilization (Ethylene oxide and Plasma sterilization) in reuse of a single-Use Cardio Catheters Devices: A study Case at RMS 1139 – 1144 download pdf
Maj. Engineer Ghassan Alghizzawi, Maj. Engineer Amer Khreisat, Cpt. Engineer Basma Al hiyari , 1st Lt. Engineer Safa’a Garalleh, Lt. Mohammad Alfreihat, , 1st Lt. cardiobiologist salem zeyad al sayiq (Sr.), cardiac Cath.technition Ghaith Mryyan (Sr)
Developing The Health Care in Jordan 1145 – 1149 download pdf
Eng. Ghassan Hijazeen (BME), Eng. Thair Haddad (BME), Eng. Basma Alhiyari (BME), Eng. Areej Alzaben (BME)
Studies on Some of the Serum Biomarkers in Postmenopausal women 1150 – 1158 download pdf
A.Murugan, V.Vanaja
Synthesis and anti-tubercular activity of 8-Bromo-4-chloro benzofuro[3,2-d] pyrimidines 1159 – 1167 download pdf
Channamma.G.M And Raga Basawaraj
Giant Cell Tumor Of Tendon Sheath – A Cyto Histo Correlation 1168 – 1172 download pdf
Dr.S.Srikanth, Dr.Smitha Vadana, Dr.R.Suhela
Evaluation of In silico and In vitro pharmacological activities of 1,3,8-trihydroxyanthraquinone 1173 – 1188 download pdf
Shiny P Laila, Annette Fernandez, Rema Devi V K & Vishnu V.S, Arun Kumar
B, Kavitha Rani P.K., Archana P Das
Small Group Teaching In Anatomy 1189 – 1192 download pdf
Dr. Sharadkumar Pralhad Sawant, Dr. Shaheen Rizvi
Simple approach of Teaching Anatomy to Undergraduate Students 1193 – 1197 download pdf
Dr. Sharadkumar Pralhad Sawant, Dr. Shaheen Rizvi
Role of Plastination in Anatomy Education 1198 – 1202 download pdf
Dr. Sharadkumar Pralhad Sawant, Dr. Shaheen Rizvi
New Circuit Design To Measure Photoplethysmography 1203 – 1210 download pdf
Ahmad Al kouz, Mohammad Al Ababneh, Mohammad Alshraa, Hamzeh Kresat
Web Access of DICOM Objects (WADO) 1211 – 1218 download pdf
Engineer Amer khraisat, Engineer Mahmoud Al Ikour, Mohammad Nour,
Engineer AhmadAlkouz, AbdAlazizAlqisy, Ahmad Elamaireh