Volume – 6 : Issue – 1

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Phytochemical And Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometric (Gc-Ms) Analyses Of Whitfieldia Lateritia Leaf 1257 – 1283 download pdf
P.M.Aja, U.C.Okorie, V.E.O.Ozougwu, E.A.Onya-Mmaghiri, K.A.Agu and O.L.Nweke
Gas Chromatographic–Mass Spectrometric (Gc-Ms) Analysis Of Ethanol Leaf-Extract F Vigna Unguiculata (Cowpea) 1284 – 1289 download pdf
Aja P.M., Ugwu Okechukwu P.C., Okoro C.O., Nweke O.L., Ali Ikechukwu A. and Ogbu Patience N
Effect of concentration on Ion Solvent Interactions and Thermo acoustic parameters of Barium chloride in mixed solvents at 303.15 K 1290 – 1302 download pdf
Brajabandhu Nanda
Sepia Ink: An Untouched Molecule from Deep Oceans 1303 – 1307 download pdf
Chisti MR, Raza A, Singh PA, Niazi J
Goat production Constraints and Ethno-veterinary practices in Konso and Meta-Robi districts; Ethiopia 1308 – 1317 download pdf
Netsanet Zergaw, Tadelle Dessie and Kefelegn Kebede
Isoprenaline: A tool for inducing myocardial infarction in experimental animal 1318 – 1326 download pdf
Mohd Aftab Siddiqui, Juber Akhtar, H.H. Siddiqui, Badruddeen, Usama Ahmad, Ahmed Abdullah Khan
Frequent Failures Of The Catheterization Laboratory Equipment And The Benefits Of Performing Planned Preventive Maintenance 1336 – 1339 download pdf
Ali S M Rababah, Ali M S Alshboul, Majed H N Al-khawaldeh, Mohamed F Ababneh, Mohmoud A M Okour
The effect of infection by mumps after puberty on the seminal fluid parameters and the production of antibodies against sperm In infertile males in Erbil city 1340 – 1346 download pdf
Dr.Sahar Mohammed Zaki, Dr.Ronia ShawketKawther, Dr.kmaranmahmood Saydoka
A Change in Lifestyle- Could Cause Cancer 1347 – 1362 download pdf
D.Snigdha And V.Pranyusha
Synthesis and Trap parameter study of Sr2B2O5:Tb3+ phosphor 1363 – 1369 download pdf
V.R.Panse, N.S.Kokode, Alok Shukla, S.V.Panse, S. J.Dhoble
Validated Stability Indicating Chromatographic Methods for Determination of IvabradineHydrochloride in the Presence of Its Acidic Degradation Product 1370 – 1380 download pdf
Nadia M. Mostafa, Yasmin M. Fayez , Joliana F. Farid, Abd El-Aziz B. Abd El-Alim
First derivative UV–Spectrophotometric Method for the simultaneous estimation of Neomycine and Betamethasone in their combined dosage form 1381 – 1386 download pdf
Kiran Kumar.K, Sailaja.O and Krishnaveni.G